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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Junior sleeping in clubhouse, at plate

You have to enjoy these stories that just keep on giving. From the suddenly famous Larry LaRue:
Look, the problem isn't that Griffey was taking a nap in the seventh inning. I mean, that's a problem; for me, anyway, it takes a few minutes to really wake up after a nap. So even if Junior was sitting next to his manager in the eighth inning, that doesn't necessarily mean he was as alert as you'd like your pinch-hitter to be.

But again, that's just a problem rather than the problem. Or rather, the problems. One problem is that this has become a huge story. The other problem is that two Mariners don't have Junior's back.

Oh, and there's a third problem: At the moment, the two dominant personalities on the roster, Sleepy Junior and Angry Sweeney, can't hit.

Mike Sweeney's angry because there are a couple of snitches in the clubhouse. But you know, it's frustrating, when you're a young man and you're losing games because old men -- old men who shouldn't be on the roster at all -- are routinely failing.

Three problems, and two solutions: 1) Old guys start hitting, or 2) Old guys removed from roster.

Which of those do you find more likely?