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Monday, May 17, 2010
Mets down to two starting pitchers

Oliver Perez has finally been exiled to the bullpen, but what's next for the Mets, who suddenly need to replace Perez and Jonathan Niese? David Walstein on filling one of those holes:

But of course it's the Mets, so Takahashi pitched three innings Sunday after Jonathan Niese aggravated an old (and serious) hamstring problem in the third inning. Which apparently leaves the Mets looking at Dickey, or perhaps reliever Raul Valdes.

I hesitate to say it just doesn't matter, because: 1) the Mets aren't officially dead yet; and 2) if they do come back to life (in the postseason chase), they'll need almost every win they can possibly get. I don't believe in punting games in May as long as there's a shred of hope for September.

But we're approaching Miracle Territory now.

Hey, I like Ike and I get Carter. Bay and Jose and Frenchy might actually start hitting, one of these months. I believe the Mets will finish the season in the upper half of the National League, scoring-wise. But you can't win 90 games without three or four reliably effective starting pitchers. Right now the Mets have two, with little real hope for more.