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Thursday, June 10, 2010
Are the Padres still Kevin Towers' team?

I appreciate Jake Peavy's frankness. Is he right about the Padres, though?

Well, before we give Kevin Towers a great deal of credit for putting together this team, shouldn't we wait a few months and see if this team is actually good?

Granted, the keys to the Padres' success have been

1. Clayton Richard and Mat Latos, both of whom were in place before Towers' departure,

2. the fantastic bullpen, all of which was in place before Towers' departure,

3. Adrian Gonzalez, who Towers traded for -- in a massively lopsided deal with the Rangers -- in 2006,

4. two catchers having surprisingly good seasons, and

5. Jon Garland.

As far as it goes, Peavy's analysis is essentially correct. Of course, Towers was just one man in a far-flung organization and it's incredibly difficult to attribute a certain percentage of a team's success to one general manager, especially one surrounded by as many smart people as Towers was.

But yes: If the Padres wind up with a good season, Kevin Towers does deserve some of the credit. Because to some degree at least, this is still his team.