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Thursday, June 17, 2010
Padres' Torrealba no fan of umps

Yorvit Torrealba's been suspended for three games, and he's really, really unhappy about it:

I sympathize with Torrealba. Really, I do. There are really, really bad umpires (at least compared to the really, really good ones). They really, really can be inconsistent, and nobody would know better than a catcher (except maybe the tiny anonymous people who work inside the Pitchf/x machines).

Of course, there have always been really, really bad umpires, and umpires have always been really, really inconsistent, and the notion that they've suddenly become more inconsistent and that somehow explains Ubaldo Jimenez's ERA is really, really silly, don't you think?

Torrealba's got a legitimate beef. Every catcher does. What Torrealba doesn't have is any reasonable justification for jabbing an umpire in the forehead with the brim of his rigid plastic helmet. A three-game suspension seems just about right to me. But if I were in charge and Torrealba appealed, I would really, really bump it to four.