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Thursday, July 8, 2010
Braden and A-Rod at war no more

Well, it looks like the war is officially over. Ben Shpigel:

As a human being, these latest developments have me grinning stupidly and thinking, Awwwww. Like I'm watching a YouTube video of a kitten playing with a St. Bernard. It's nice to know that if someone's going to be rioting in Oakland this week, at least it won't be the baseball players.

As a baseball fan, though? This stinks. I love the t-shirt, which 1) was brilliantly executed by the designer, and 2) fits perfectly in the franchise's "Green Collar" marketing campaign (which is more than just propaganda, as anyone who's been to an A's game this year can tell you; the difference between the crowds at the Coliseum and across the Bay at AT&T Park is wonderfully dramatic). Also, I just don't see the T-shirt -- as Braden apparently does -- as a slap at Rodriguez. I read it as, "I'm Dallas Braden and I don't care who you are, that's my mound and stay the $#&% off it."

Which is sort of cool.

Actually, what really stinks is that the Braden-Rodriguez feud, while it lasted, added some real color to the game. And now that everybody's pals again, that bit of color is mostly gone.

We'll always have fond memories of Bradenia, though.