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Friday, July 16, 2010
Royals set all-important rotation

Another Five-Plus Club update, as one its Royal members is getting a customized slot:
Obviously, six daytime starts and 12 nighttime starts tell us nothing about Bannister's skills or tendencies. Not as they relate to daytime and nighttime, anyway. But what about 39 daytime starts and 72 nighttime starts? In his career, Bannister's got a 3.87 ERA in day games, 5.49 in night games. He's been slightly better at controlling the strike zone in day games, and given up somewhat fewer home runs.

Does it really mean anything? I don't know. Probably not. If I were going to make any sort of important decision about when Bannister pitches, I wouldn't pay a great deal of attention to those day/night splits unless I had some remotely reasonable explanation for those splits.

I don't have that explanation. Then again, I haven't looked for one. I suspect that Ned Yost hasn't looked for one, either.

Fortunately, this is nothing like an important decision. There's no reasonable difference between Bannister and Davies and Bruce Chen ... and even if there were, so what? The Royals aren't going anywhere, and rotation order is largely irrelevant even if your team is going somewhere.

This is the sort of thing that managers should spend a lot less time worrying about.