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Friday, July 30, 2010
Rangers filling all the holes they can

A flurry of moves for the first-place Rangers!

At least one report suggests the Rangers are sending two "prospects" to the Nationals for Guzman, and that one of them is Double-A pitcher Ryan Tatusko. If either prospect ever makes any sort of contribution in the majors -- and Tatusko wasn't on anyone's radar screen before this season -- this is a pretty lousy deal. The Rangers have a huge lead, Kinsler's supposed to return to the lineup in three or four weeks, and Guzman isn't likely to see more than an inning or two of duty in October.

The Cantu deal makes more sense. The Rangers did give up a couple of actual prospects -- granted, one of them is recovering from Tommy John surgery and the other's a Triple-A setup man -- to get Cantu. But while Cantu's nothing special -- sorry, that .322 career OBP just doesn't impress me -- he should play against lefties and give the Rangers at least a chance of getting decent production from their first basemen. And Cantu, unlike Guzman, is likely to come up with a big hit in October.