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Monday, August 16, 2010
La Russa not thrilled with 3B options

Considering they're in a death struggle for a playoff spot, the Cardinals' continuing search for a third baseman is pretty interesting. Joe Strauss:
Allen Craig can hit. I mean, really hit. He's played 203 games in Triple-A and has a .322/.380/.551 line. Someday the Cardinals are going to trade him and he'll become a first baseman or a DH. There is a wide chasm between Craig's hitting talents and Felipe Lopez's.

Still, I don't see La Russa putting up with Craig's defense for long. Granted, theoretically speaking the difference between Craig and Lopez -- or for that matter, Craig and Inge, or Lopez and Inge -- isn't more than a game or so over the rest of the season. But psychology comes into play, and I'm sure the Cardinals' front office doesn't want to deal with La Russa's psyche if Craig and/or Lopez are throwing baseballs into the stands two or three times per week.

Of course, Inge isn't much of a hitter. But it's easier for a manager to deal with a .315 on-base percentage than a .943 fielding percentage. Personally, I'd like to see La Russa make do with the materials at hand. Isn't that what Hall of Fame managers are supposed to do?