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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Sure Manny could help White Sox, but...

What would Manny Ramirez do for the White Sox? Potentially plenty. Kyle Koster:
If you see Manny Ramirez just hanging around on a street corner with nothing to do, you grab him.

But Manny Ramirez isn't just hanging around. He's playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and he's going to earn roughly $4 million the rest of this season. Can the White Sox reasonably justify sending a prospect to the Dodgers? Can they reasonably justify spending $4 million that wasn't previously in the budget? Can they reasonably justify doing both of those things?

The devil's in the details. If they can just have Manny Ramirez? By all means, have him. But if they can't just have him -- if to get him, they have to give up something valuable -- then the decision shouldn't be easily made. Because considering Manny's injuries and the White Sox' overall talent base and the likelihood that Justin Morneau comes back in September and the 3-1/2 games that currently separate the Twins and the White Sox in the standings ... well, there's not a player on the planet who would turn the White Sox into favorites.

And if you're not going to be the favorite, maybe you're better off keeping your powder dry.