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Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Add Posada to list of concussed

The big news here was Nick Swisher's walkoff piece.

The bigger news might be this:
I'm sure someone will ask, "What's going on with this epidemic of concussions?"

There's no epidemic, any more than there's been epidemic of alcoholism in the last few decades. There have always been concussions, it's just nobody really cared until recently. In the old days -- that is, 2008 -- if you could walk reasonably straight, you played. Which naturally leads one to wonder how many seasons and careers have been seriously impacted by concussions that we've heard little (or nothing) about.

Anyway, you've heard that rant from me before. I should shut up until someone offers some real research. In the here and now, we should acknowledge that the Yankees figure as a formidable force in October, even if they're forced to play without Posada. But with Pettitte and Posada now question marks and the Rays almost completely healthy, you have to wonder if the Yankees will deserve to be considered the favorites to reach the World Series.