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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Trading Freddy Sanchez won't be easy

Among the latest Pirates-related scuttlebutt, via John Perotto: If true, this suggests one of two things:

1. Baseball executives are not properly valuing Sanchez, who's been worth well over $8 million in four of the last five seasons (including this one); or

2. Baseball executives are still somewhat worried about the economy, and fear that revenues won't bounce back next year.

Actually, there's a third possibility: 3. Executives are properly valuing Sanchez and recognize that he'll probably be worth more than $8.1 million next season ... but they also are properly valuing the younger players they would have to give up in a trade for Sanchez.

This would be a new and welcome development, though it might make deadline time a bit less interesting. Because young players are worth a lot.