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Friday, September 17, 2010
Old Cardinal rips young(er) Cardinals

There's nothing like an old ballplayer ripping young ballplayers. Bernie Miklasz:

Yes, this is all quite entertaining.

For the sake of our younger readers, though, it's probably worth mentioning that in 1988 when Jack Clark played for the Yankees, George Steinbrenner's brilliant leadership resulted in a fifth-place finish. That was the Yankees' seventh straight season without reaching the postseason; the streak would eventually reach 12 seasons.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis Cardinals have reached the postseason in seven of the last 10 seasons.

Soon, it will be seven of 11. But if you had a choice between the management team of the Yankees in the 1980s or the management team of the Cardinals in the Aughts, which would you choose?

The Cardinals are having a rough season. But if Albert Pujols' next contract doesn't bust the budget, they'll be back, soon.