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Friday, September 17, 2010
Dodgers take path of least resistance with Mattingly

Looks like the Dodgers have a new manager:

I'm not wild about it.

The Dodgers presumably know more about Mattingly than I do. Maybe things would have been even worse this year if not for his steadying presence. I just wonder how they can possibly know what he'll do, when responsible for 25 different personalities.

Worse, this strikes me as the last, desperate move of an owner who's trying to hang on to the past. Frank McCourt, at heart an Easterner, couldn't buy the Red Sox or the Yankees, so he bought the Yankees' manager. Now the Yankees' manager is leaving, and McCourt is turning to the most beloved Yankee between Thurman Munson and Derek Jeter.

It's absolutely possible that Don Mattingly is the best man -- or at least one of the 20 best men -- for the job.

Considering the process, though, and McCourt's current circumstances, does it seem likely?

I suspect Mattingly won't last long. Perhaps only until McCourt is forced to sell the franchise and the new owner installs a new general manager who installs a new manager.

Of course I could be wrong.

Update: It's official, as the Dodgers have issued a press release confirming Mattingly's promotion.