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Monday, August 10, 2009
Billy Butler wins a watch

Hey, the link says it's breaking news, so who am I to argue? The coolest thing about this isn't that a Royal won something. I mean, that's cool, too. But even a blind pig does find the occasional truffle, and Butler is a talented young hitter who might yet become a poor man's Edgar Martinez.

No, the coolest thing about this is that Billy Butler gets a watch.

Did you know that? I didn't. When I visit the National Baseball Museum in Cooperstown, some of my favorite items are the watches and rings and silver cups and whatnot that players used to receive in commemoration of various accomplishments.

So it pleases me to discover the tradition lives, and that dozens of commemorative watches are awarded every season, many of them to players who will go their entire careers without winning any of the big awards. But I'm left with a question: How many luxury timepieces does Albert Pujols have, just laying around?

(H/T: Mom)