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Thursday, October 14, 2010
Big Stein's mash notes quashed, for now

Sorry, folks. Looks like you'll have to wait a while longer before reading the early romantic stylings of George Michael Stein III ...

Someone who works for the Yankees was a bully? Why, you could knock me over with a hummingbird's feather ...

This is about control. Releasing those letters would cause the Steinbrenners little (if any) embarrassment, and wouldn't cost the Steinbrenners a single penny.

This is simply about control.

It's also about the law. Apparently the law does prohibit publishing someone's letters without his consent. Or his estate's.

The only real loss here is suffered by serious historians who might want to someday write a serious, scholarly biography of George Steinbrenner. Granted, you might think that Steinbrenner's family would like to see him treated seriously.

That is, unless you've been paying attention for the last few months.