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Thursday, August 13, 2009
Pedro still 'rusty' (at best)

Hey, Pedro Martinez won! It was genuinely thrilling to see him pitch again, and pitch reasonably well. But as Tim Marchman writes, we probably should curb our enthusiasm ... As Marchman points out, Martinez's ERA -- after one start against a pretty lousy lineup -- is almost exactly the same as that of Jamie Moyer, whom Martinez has replaced in the rotation. As Marchman also points out, if Pedro's not able to put the ball almost exactly where he wants, he's going to get hit, and hit hard. Because he just doesn't have the arm strength or the movement that he once had.

It's early, of course. But I'm reminded that there's a hidden downside of signing a guy like Pedro Martinez or John Smoltz. Both were supposedly signed as sort of insurance policies, but eventually both were given jobs not because they were desperately needed, but instead because they were Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz.

You saw how well that worked out for the Red Sox.