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Monday, November 8, 2010
New York Mets bring coal to Newcastle

The New York Mets are assembling quite the brain trust, don't you think?

Make no mistake, my friends, there is a direct correlation between the intelligence of the people in your front office and the performance of your team on the field. Now, "intelligence" can take many different forms. You don't have to be a Marine officer (as Alderson was) to lead men, or graduate from Harvard (as Paul DePodesta did) to read a spreadsheet, or chase girls with Billy Beane (as J.P. Ricciardi did) to talk the fur-lined boots off an Eskimo.

It really helps, though.

Keep your eye on the Mets. If they suddenly begin doing intelligent things, it won't take long before they've passed the Braves and are challenging the Phillies. If the organization continues to muddle along for two or three years, it will probably be due to the meddling of whoever hired all these smart guys.