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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Broxton's eighth-inning 'save'

I meant to follow-up on this when I saw the box score, but forgot. Fortunately, today I got a nice kick in the pants from Teddy Mitrosolis: Sorry, but I don't. If Torre thinks using his closer against the heart of the order in the eighth inning is such a great idea, why didn't he do it with Mariano Rivera? Is Torre just now, at 69, realizing that a manager should manage to the situation rather than the statistics?

I think Torre didn't want Broxton pitching the ninth inning, almost entirely for reasons having nothing to do with the composition of the Cubs' lineup. Those 3-4-5 hitters? Merely a convenience for Torre, who had to tell Broxton something that wouldn't mess too much with his head.

I'm not saying it wasn't the right thing to do. Torre knows a lot more about his pitchers than I do. In that particular spot and considering Broxton's recent struggles, the switch might have been exactly the right thing to do. But if you see any connection between Torre's deployments of Broxton and Sherrill at any point in September, I'll be surprised.