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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Rangers add to international cast of righties

Well, this is a nice little collection the Rangers are building. Richard Durrett:
The Rangers' front office seems to have developed something of an obsession with right-handed relief pitchers. Last season they employed four of the league's best in Neftali Feliz, Darren O'Day, Frank Francisco, and Alexi Ogando. Mark Lowe's pretty good, too, and they just re-signed him.

And now Tateyama makes six.

Remember, it wasn't so long ago that teams carried six relievers, period (and not so long before that, teams carried five). Even considering today's Super Expanding Bullpens, you wouldn't think the Rangers would routinely feature eight relievers. Which means either they're going with just one lefty or they're going to deal one of their righties.

Or perhaps -- most smartly but least likely -- they're going to seriously explore the possibility that Neftali Feliz can become a starter again, and give them 200 good innings rather than 70 good ones.