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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
A's blog joins SweetSpot Network

This is a good day.

Of course, I don't generally have much to complain about, so most of them are good days.

This is a particularly good day, though, because today I'm pleased to introduce the latest addition to the SweetSpot Network ... Baseballin' on a Budget, covering the Oakland Athletics.

It's actually somewhat shocking that it's taken this long to find an A's blog, considering how many really smart people follow the team. Finally, though, I met Dan Hennessey at the PITCHf/x Summit in San Francisco last summer, and after reading a few entries from his Knuckleballs blog, I figured I might have my man.

I was right, and we've since been blessed by the addition of Chris Martinez, who will cover (among other things) the Athetics' farm system, to the team.

Enough with the introductions. Here's Dan on the A's new designated hitter:
I think that's probably right. Matsui missed a big chunk of 2008 with an injury. Otherwise, in the three seasons since 2006 he's played 143, 142, and 145 games, and posted adjusted OPS's of 123, 123, and 124. If he does those things for the A's, he's a bargain. As long as he doesn't play more than a tiny smattering of games in the field.

Again, I want to welcome Dan and Chris to the SweetSpot fold. The network just got a little better.