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Thursday, September 3, 2009
Why do the Mets hate David Wright?

Looks like another long season for David Wright next year. At least in the power department: Well, yes. But you can't build a ballpark for one player, and the real problem isn't that the Mets have hit only 77 home runs; it's that they've hit 50 fewer home runs than they've allowed.

Oh, and 11th out of 16? That's nothing. What's more, in terms of scoring the new building has been almost exactly neutral. We'll need a few more seasons to see how it really plays, but at the moment we might guess that the new place will actually be slightly more hitter-friendly than the old place.

It's a shame, what's happened to David Wright, and the Mets might have overdone the outfield's square footage just a tad. But whatever's ailing the Mets wouldn't be cured my monkeying around with the fences after just one season.