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Monday, April 20, 2009
Erasing Dr. K

Talk about your tempest in a teapot: As near as I can tell, "graffiti" is columnist George Willis' word, not the Mets'. But in all honesty, Gooden did engage in a bit of tagging, didn't he? If that were my blank gray wall, I'd be thrilled to have "Doc Gooden" on there, but all that other stuff, too? I sort of feel sorry for the guy, knowing that he doesn't think his name is enough.

If I'm the Mets and he'd signed just his name, I'd have thought, "Gosh, I sure wish Doc hadn't done that. But since he did, maybe it's not the worst thing in the world, but now that it's there maybe we should get Seaver in here" -- to name just one better name to start with -- "and maybe Jerry Koosman and Jesse Orosco and John Franco and Ron Darling and a few other guys."

This could have been cool. But you can't really blame the Mets for wanting to decide what's cool and what's not.