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Friday, October 2, 2009
Are changes afoot in San Diego?

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune's Bill Center, the Padres might soon have a new general manager ... No one is saying? Seems to me that nobody has to say anything. Three years ago, Towers presumably wasn't Moorad's first choice. Does it seem likely that he would be Moorad's first choice, today?

Center mentions a few other points:

• The Padres are going to win at least 74 games this season, after winning only 63 last year.

True, but the Padres' run diffential this season is almost identical to last season's.

• The Padres have benefited this season from a bunch of young players.

True, but many of those young players are either not particularly young or not particularly good.

• The Padres have spent very little money on salaries this season, particularly after trading Jake Peavy.

True. Just flat true.

Just two seasons ago, the Padres finished just one pitch short of a third straight playoff appearance. The bottom fell out last season, and the bottom's still out. But Towers has made a couple of solid trades this season, and there really is some talent in the pipeline (though much of it's still two or three years away).

The bottom line, I think, is that Moorad is a strong personality who's been around baseball for a long time and knows what he wants. And it shouldn't be surprising if he wants his own guy running the front office.