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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Wily Mo Pena a Met?

Wily Mo Pena a Met? Hey, it could happen. From MLB Trade Rumors:
Just to clarify, Pena did play in '08; he just played really, really poorly: .205/.243/.267 in 206 plate appearances.

Pena's never been a particularly good player, and probably never will be. He strikes out too much and misplays too many flies and liners. What he has been, and might be again, is a useful player. Someone who can post an OPS+ 10 percent better than league average when he's 23 is probably capable of posting an OPS+ 20-25 percent better than league average when he's 27. And if you can do that, you can play. At least occasionally. If the whole Gary Sheffield thing doesn't work out -- and so far the results are bizarrely middling -- I can imagine Wily Mo Pena sliding into that role. Again, assuming that he's healthy.