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Friday, April 1, 2011
Theme continues: Lyon latest to blow game

By David Schoenfield

John Mayberry Jr.
John Mayberry Jr. receives the proverbial shaving cream pie after his game-winning hit.
Sorry, Brandon Lyon, but that was absolutely brutal.

And Brad Mills: I don't care if he's your "closer," when you give up five consecutive line drives ... maybe you don't leave him in to give up a sixth.

Final suggestion: Maybe your closer shouldn't throw 89 mph.

(Joe Sheehan made a great point on Twitter before the fury was unleashed: Why not use a lefty to face Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard at the start of the inning? Instead, Mills let Howard hit against a righty, which should never happen in the late innings of a close game. The Astros have only one lefty in the bullpen, Fernando Abad, but he should have been used for Howard.

Anyway, terrific comeback by the Phillies. Nothing better than a rally like that on Opening Day.

And we certainly have a theme developing after seven games: Closer continues to be the most overrated position in the game. C'mon, managers, start using your pens in the most efficient way possible, as opposed to assigning predetermined roles that you'll stick to even if your guy is serving up batting practice.
All for now. We'll check back in later.

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