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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Is Rick Peterson a miracle worker?

As R.J. Anderson notes, the Milwaukee Brewers have a new pitching coach:
It's a fair point. Peterson probably deserves some measure of credit for the successes of Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito, but all of those guys were impressive in the minors before Peterson really got ahold of them. At the moment, the Brewers don't have any prospects like them.

Their preseason No. 1 pitching prospect, Jeremy Jeffress, struggled after a spring promotion to Double-A ... and then was suspended for 100 games for a second violation of baseball's "drug of abuse" policy. Nice.

Their No. 2 pitching prospect, Jake Odorizzi, is only 19 and has to this point pitched the grand total of 68 innings, all in Rookie ball.

Their No. 1 draft pick this summer, Eric Arnett, was Odorizzi's teammate and walked 21 batters in 35 innings.

I'm sure I'm missing someone. The point is that the next Big 3 isn't right around the corner for the Brewers. Peterson is going to have to work with marginal veterans and reclamation projects, and while he's had some success with pitchers like that, too, it's a difficult way to build a championship pitching staff. Good luck to him. He seems like his heart is in the right place.