Podcast: Wildfire Schulte ... and more!

A pair of really good baseball fellows joined me for Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast, as Jim Bowden and Dave Schoenfield helped me break down Tuesday’s packed day, and we looked ahead.

1. It’s all about A.J. Burnett. And a little about Curtis Granderson. Yankees and Tigers play on.

2. Will it matter against the Mighty Power Rangers? The Rays leave us as Adrian Beltre goes all Reggie in October.

3. The Phillies escaped with a win in part because of the evil intentional walk. If you were Tony La Russa, what would you have done?

4. Arizona breaks out the bats and forces a Brewers pitcher to new -- at least on the mound -- levels of frustration.

5. Adrian Gonzalez had a good season, but was it superficially good? An emailer needs answers!

So check out Wednesday’s packed Baseball Today as we talk about all the games, look ahead and even find time for the great Wildfire Schulte. Download now!