SweetSpot: BJ Upton

Tuesday Taters

July, 6, 2010
Today's links need no introduction.
  • Went to the Coliseum last night, saw only two people (a young couple) wearing these . Meanwhile, Bradenia has lodged a formal protest . (Hey, he started this police action. Now he has to win the peace.)
  • Should the Yankees be worried about their June scoring slump? Well, Steven Goldman is, a little bit . Particularly about Francisco Cervelli, who's got a .200/.282/.257 line since May. Most teams, you don't worry about the backup catcher. But considering Jorge Posada's frequent trips to the DL, maybe the Yankees should.
  • Speaking of the Yankees, this interview with Fritz Peterson was nothing special ... until the news that Ben Affleck might play Peterson in a movie? What, is Max Bialystok producing this project?
  • Speaking of interviews, here's one with one of my favorite popular and idiosyncratic bloggers.
  • Sometimes retaliation doesn't work the way it's supposed to (as the Angels discovered last weekend) .
  • With Michael Pineda (already) knocking on the door, Mike Curto (finally) tells his Felix Hernandez call-up story .
  • Nice discussion here about DIPS, BABiP, and everything in between .
  • Well, yes: It's worth noting that B.J. Upton's a pretty good player ... but isn't it also worth noticing that he's getting worse every year?