Podcast: Robin Ventura talks CWS

I'd argue that whenever SweetSpot blogger/editor David Schoenfield co-hosts the Baseball Today Podcast that's all the reason you need to listen, but Thursday's show was indeed a particularly special one, because ...

1. Former All-Star third baseman Robin Ventura stops by for a cool interview, talking College World Series, timely grand slams, ankle transplant surgery and a whole lot more!

2. On Wednesday's show we discussed whether Justin Verlander was the AL's top pitcher. And then Josh Beckett happened. Now what do we think? Who is going to win the AL Cy Young?

3. Check out those Seattle Mariners … they’re contenders! With second base prospect Dustin Ackley on the way to the bigs, our resident Mariners fan gets realistic with expectations … and I tend to agree.

4. The Florida Marlins seem to be having a bit of trouble winning baseball games. Are we more surprised about their collapse or that maligned Ohio team?

5. If you don't know the story about Thursday's starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, you're really missing out.

Plus: Excellent emails, the designated hitter rule, those crazy, ol' umpires, how Javier Vazquez will throw a gem in Philly, and that "hitting in Petco Park junk," all of it on a packed Thursday Baseball Today podcast!