ICYMI: SweetSpot hits of the week

A very happy Friday to all of you. What we learned this week: Johnny Cueto and Masahiro Tanaka aren't slowing down anytime soon, each with domiminating CGSOs; we can't have nice things as we lose Jose Fernandez to TJS, although Aroldis Chapman returned (yay!); Bud Selig is forming (another) committee, this time to identify/select his replacement; Yanks and Rangers pitching staffs are falling apart, and clearly Tommy John's decision to not trademark "Tommy John surgery" cost him a few nickels this baseball season. Lastly, it's not OK to let any player at any age and skill-set, throw 194 pitches in one game. Cool? Great, enjoy your weekend.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

What if all of Towers' trades were reversed? In 43 months as GM, Kevin Towers has completed 32 trades with 22 different teams. Ryan P. Morrison examines what the D-backs roster would look like right now if all of those trades were reversed.

Baltimore Orioles: Camden Depot

Can history tell us anything about Chris Davis' return from the disabled list?: Nate Delong takes a look at Chris Davis and other similar players who have been sidelined with oblique injuries. Follow on Twitter: @CamdenDepot.

Cubs: View From The Bleachers

Is Mike Olt the long-term answer at 3B? Luke Jett takes a look at the question many Cubs fans are asking: Is Olt the guy the Cubs should count on at the hot corner? Follow on Twitter: @vftb.

Chicago White Sox: The Catbird Seat

The best Alexei Ramirez in the league: He isn't the best shortstop in the MLB like Hawk Harrelson says, but James Fegan writes that the first six weeks of play have seen Alexei Ramirez show all of his best traits. Follow on Twitter: @TheCatbird_Seat.

Cleveland Indians: It's Pronounced Lajaway

The amazing Josh Tomlin: Ryan McCrystal takes a look at how Tomlin continues to beat the odds and win with some of the league's least intimidating stuff. Follow on Twitter: @TribeFanMcC.

Colorado Rockies: Rockies ZingersTroy Tulowitzki changed something: Why is Troy Tulowitzki hitting for more power? Richard Bergstrom tasks the Hitting Performance Lab to do a biomechanical video analysis of Troy Tulowitzki's 2013 and 2014 batting stance.

Milwaukee Brewers: Disciples of Uecker

Podcast with Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Info (iTunes link): We talk advanced stats, heat maps, spray charts, defensive metrics, hard-hit average and more. Follow on Twitter: @disciplesuecker, @msimonespn.

New York Yankees: It's About The Money

An airing of grievances from a frustrating weekend at Miller Park: Brad Vietrogoski spent last weekend at Miller Park and watched the Yankees lose two of three to the Brewers and wrote about his experience. Follow on Twitter: @IIATMS

Are the Yankees too old again?: Age and injuries are, once again, a problem for the New York Yankees. Matt Bove explores this issue. Follow on Twitter: @RAYROBERT9.

San Francisco Giants: West Coast Bias

Does Buster Posey have a problem? Posey has been instructed not to block the plate ever since he returned from his gruesome season-ending ankle injury in 2012. After two crucial missed tags in the last week, what are we to make of his lack of aggressiveness? Follow on Twitter: @GiantsBaseball.

Tampa Bay Rays: The Process Report

Rays get primal in Seattle: After a disappointing homestand the Rays were blown out in the first game of a West Coast road trip beginning in Seattle. David Price and Jake Odorizzi got the team back on track with a primitive approach. Follow on Twitter: @TRancel.

Texas Rangers: One Strike Away

Are the Rangers doomed? In the wake of more gut-wrenching injuries, Brandon Land looks into that very question. Follow on Twitter: @one_strike_away.

The hits just keep on coming: Eric Reining also sticks with the injury theme as he considers the short-term vision of the organization. Follow on Twitter: @ericreining.

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