Tampa Bay Buccaneers: NFL Draft

TAMPA, Fla. -- Todd McShay's first Insider mock draft Insider is out and it has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers making a big splash with the first overall pick.

McShay has the Bucs taking Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. That's one pick ahead of where he has Tennessee taking Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. So it looks like the early assumption by McShay is that the top two quarterbacks will go at the very top of the draft.

That's entirely possible and the Bucs may be choosing between Mariota and Winston. But I also think there's a chance the Bucs could go in another direction. Mariota has played in a spread offense and I don't see the Bucs changing to a spread offense. Winston has had some off-field issues and that could scare the Bucs away.

I can see Tampa Bay trading out of the top spot (assuming that's where the Bucs end up) for someone that's sold on one of the two quarterbacks. The Bucs have a huge need for a pass-rusher and McShay has five defensive ends going in his top-10 picks.

McShay Mock 3.0: Bucs 

March, 6, 2014
Todd McShay's third NFL mock draft for 2014 is out on ESPN Insider today. McShay projected Khalil Mack (whose stock continues to rise) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his second mock draft. He would be an excellent every-down addition to the Bucs' defense in a similar mold to how the Broncos use Von Miller and would address a major need. Edge pass-rush is probably the Buccaneers' biggest area of weakness right now.

Even if Tampa Bay upgrades at defensive end in free agency, Mack should still be strongly considered with the No. 7 pick. No one would argue Mack in this spot, but the Bucs could really use quite a few things, including a dynamic wide receiver like Watkins, one of the top three offensive tackles or even a quarterback if one falls.

Personally, I would stick with Mike Glennon, but the new Tampa Bay regime inherited Glennon and might disagree. Tampa Bay is sitting in a great spot to land a very strong prospect at a need area and also should be plenty busy in free agency.

Whom does McShay have the Buccaneers drafting at No. 7? Let's take a look Insider:

Buccaneers would hold No. 7 pick

December, 16, 2013
TAMPA, Fla. -- When a team is 4-10 like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one of the most compelling things to keep an eye on is draft order.

Our friends at ESPN Stats & Information are keeping tabs on that and factoring tiebreakers. As it stands right now, the Bucs would hold the No. 7 overall pick. But there still is plenty of room for movement with two weeks left in the season.

Here's the top 10 draft order as it stands at the moment:
  1. Texans 2-12
  2. Redskins 3-11
  3. Raiders 4-10
  4. Jaguars 4-10
  5. Falcons 4-10
  6. Browns 4-10
  7. Buccaneers 4-10
  8. Vikings 4-9-1
  9. Bills 5-9
  10. Titans 5-9