Pressure is off the Buccaneers

TAMPA, Fla. -- It took far longer than coach Greg Schiano would have liked to come to fruition, but now he has something to build on.

He has a victory -- a 22-19 win against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night -- for the first time this season. That led to a lighter mood from Schiano as he met with the media Tuesday. The players had the day off, but Schiano said finally getting a win relieves the pressure on the players.

“I don't care when it is, you get your first win and you get it out of the way,'' Schiano said. “In this league, it's hard to win every game. It's only been done once so it's really hard. I don't care who you are. As the losses mount, then that one win becomes harder and harder. I hope now our guys can just go out and play. Although they said there was no additional pressure, I think human nature puts that pressure on yourself.''

As the Bucs got off to an 0-8 start, Schiano repeatedly said that once the Bucs started winning it would continue. He didn't back away from that Tuesday.

“We're banged-up,'' Schiano said. “We're playing without a lot of original starters. But there are a lot of good players still out there playing. We're going to have a chance in every football game. We've just got to go out and execute.''

Schiano said he doesn't expect any complacency when his players return to practice Wednesday.

“Not with this group,'' Schiano said. “Not as hard as the losses have been. I think more than anything, they're going to cherish the feeling of winning and want it back again.''