Tandy ready to fill in for Goldson

TAMPA, Fla. – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be without suspended safety Dashon Goldson for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. But they still will hear Goldson.

“He’s always in your ear,’’ Keith Tandy said.

That’s a good thing because Tandy will be the man to replace Goldson, who is serving a one-game suspension for an illegal hit, in the starting lineup. Tandy said Goldson has taught him a lot about playing safety.

“The main thing Dashon has taught me about being vocal is that you see guys that the guys in front of you don’t see, so you can call out stuff about routes and different plays to the linebackers and the defensive line,’’ Tandy said.

The position still is somewhat new for Tandy, who played cornerback in college. But the Bucs are happy with Tandy’s transition.

“He’s the kind of a guy that I would describe as he’s really good at everything, maybe not a ‘wow,’ spectacular, dynamic player at any one particular part of his game,’’ defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan said. “But he’s good in run support, he can tackle, he’s athletic, he can play man-to-man coverage, he understands zone coverage, he can play different components of zone coverage, can make checks off of formations. He’s done an outstanding job. I told him that a couple weeks ago. He has really come around.’’

Tandy made two starts at safety when Goldson was injured earlier in the year.

“I think every game I get a little more confident as far as getting the reps out there,’’ Tandy said. “You go out and make a couple plays and your confidence builds. We try to make sure we build on that every day in practice and I’m starting to see plays before they happen, so it’s helping out.’’