Hard to get a read on Mike Glennon

TAMPA, Fla. – All season long, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano has been very careful not to use excuses.

But he finally acknowledged Monday that injuries to running back Doug Martin, wide receiver Mike Williams and multiple injuries at tight end prevent him from getting a true read on where rookie quarterback Mike Glennon is in his development.

“It makes it more difficult,’’ Schiano said. “What I try to evaluate is when he can play quarterback. When he’s able to play the position, how’s he doing? When he’s not able to play the position, he can’t do anything about that. Not that he’s perfect when he is able to play the position. But he’s been pretty good when he’s been able to play the position.’’

What does Schiano mean by “playing the position’’? It’s really pretty simple. He’s talking about what Glennon does when he has the presence of a running game, protection from the offensive line and receivers getting open.

The problem is the Bucs didn’t have any of those things going for them in Sunday’s 23-13 loss to St. Louis. The running game did virtually nothing and Glennon was sacked seven times. Those problems have become a trend recently.

I agree with Schiano that Glennon has been pretty good when circumstances around him are right. But it’s been the better part of a month since the other pieces of the offense were clicking.

That makes it impossible to tell for sure if Glennon has what it takes to be the quarterback for the long term.