Buccaneers' weekend mailbag

TAMPA, Fla. -- Time for the latest installment of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' mailbag.

Matt in Tampa asks if I think the Bucs will make a run at a “franchise quarterback" or go with Mike Glennon.

Pat Yasinskas: Matt is one of many asking some variation of this question. My honest answer is I think Glennon can be a good quarterback with a good team around him. I’m not sure he can carry a mediocre supporting cast. At the very least, I think the Bucs have to bring in someone to compete with Glennon. At the most, I could see them using their first-round draft pick on a quarterback. After all, the other three teams in the NFC South all have franchise quarterbacks. If the Bucs want to compete with them, it would be nice to have a franchise quarterback.

Steven in Cheyenne, Wyoming asks when I think the Bucs will win an NFC South title again.

P.Y. The best thing the Bucs have going for them is history. No team ever has won the NFC South in back-to-back seasons. The Saints and Panthers both went 7-9 in 2012 and are in the playoffs this season. I think (with a few additions at the right spots) the Bucs have enough talent to turn things around pretty quickly.

Andrew in Ft. Rucker, Ala. wonders how Darrelle Revis will fit in the new defense.

P.Y. Lovie Smith was asked about that at his introductory news conference, and he made it clear the Bucs won’t be playing Cover 2 every snap. Revis is a unique talent, and Smith will adjust his defense to allow for more man-to-man coverage.

Neil in Barnsley, U.K. wants to know about the health status of Carl Nicks.

P.Y. That’s a great question, and I’ve been trying to get a straight and simple answer. I haven’t had much luck. But it sounds like there is at least concern that Nicks' toe never will be 100 percent. I’ll keep checking around on that one.

Eric in Florence, Ky. asks why Mike Alstott isn’t included in talks about the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

P.Y. The problem is Alstott was a fullback, and fullbacks in the modern era simply don’t get the chance to put up Hall of Fame statistics. But Alstott was a very good football player for a long time, and I think he at least deserves a spot in Tampa Bay’s Ring of Honor.