Bucs weekend mailbag

Let's take a weekend plunge into the mailbag.

Kevin in Tampa wants to know if the Bucs may go after a tight end in free agency.

Pat Yasinskas: I would hope the Tampa Bay Buccaneers go after a tight end. It's a major need. Rookie Tim Wright did show some pass-catching skills last year, but he's one dimensional and doesn't offer much as a run-blocker. The Bucs could help themselves a lot by looking for an all-around tight end.

David in Fremont, Nebraska asks if the Bucs may target Aaron Murray later in the draft.

PY: Why not take a chance on the University of Georgia product? That's assuming, of course, that they don't take a quarterback early. Murray played at Plant High in Tampa and is a local favorite. He also is a guy with some pretty good talent, but he's likely to go later in the draft due to the knee injury he suffered last season. The Bucs potentially could find a bargain with Murray if he's available late in the draft.

Isaac in Raleigh, NC asks what the benefit of trading or releasing Darrelle Revis would be beyond the $16 million in salary-cap savings.

PY: There really aren't any reasons I can see besides the salary-cap savings. The only thing I see the Bucs doing by releasing Revis would be weakening their defensive secondary.

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