Catching up on contract numbers

It’s time to bring you up to speed on the full details of some of the more recent contracts players have signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let’s start with center Evan Dietrich-Smith. His four-year deal is worth $14.25 million with $7.25 million guaranteed. Dietrich-Smith will earn $2.5 million in base salary and a $1 million roster bonus this year. In 2015, his salary rises to $3.75. In 2016, the base salary dips to $2.5 million. In 2017, he has a $3.5 million base salary and a $1 million roster bonus.

Linebacker Dane Fletcher received a one-year deal worth $1.2 million. But Fletcher additionally can earn up to another $975,000 if he meets certain playing-time standards.

Finally, offensive lineman Jamon Meredith, who re-signed with the team, received a two-year deal worth $2.7 million. Meredith will make $1.05 million in base salary this year and has a $350,000 roster bonus. In 2015, Meredith’s base salary is $1.3 million with a $350,000 roster bonus. Meredith can earn an additional $750,000 each year if he meets playing-time standards.