Smith: Bucs will work on Goldson's tackling

It's been widely reported that Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson is working with a tackling coach. But coach Lovie Smith downplayed the significance of that during the NFL owners meeting.

"I think sometimes we run with some stories that really aren't there," Smith said. "What Dashon really said was he had a coach previously and this offseason no one else can work with him, so he's wanting to improve his game in the offseason."

Goldson and the rest of Tampa Bay's players can't work with the coaching staff until the team's offseason program starts in April. But Smith made it very clear who will be coaching Goldson.

"The guys that will be coaching Dashon on tackling will be us," Smith said. "It will be me, it'll be [defensive coordinator] Leslie Frazier, it'll be [safeties coach] Mikal [Smith]. We'll be the ones that will be coaching all of our players. As a general rule, our guys will have one coach. While they're off, they can get as much help as they possibly can."

Goldson's tackling is an issue because he was fined nearly $500,000 and suspended for one game last season due to illegal hits. But Smith said he's confident he and his coaching staff can correct whatever problems Goldson has.

"There's some simple things you have to do for Dashon," Smith said. "First off, lower your target. Start with that. Did he have those problems before? We feel like we can handle that. If that's the least of our problems, we're going to be in pretty good shape."