Kiper: Bucs don't need to draft QB

A lot of people, myself included, are calling Tampa Bay's Josh McCown a "bridge quarterback".

You know, McCown is a bridge to the next quarterback. But who's that next quarterback going to be?

According to one draft expert, the Bucs already have a young prospect who might be as good any quarterback in this draft. The NFL Nation reporters just had a conference call with ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. I asked Kiper if he thought the Bucs might take a quarterback at No. 7.

"I can't see it," Kiper said.

There's a reason for that and it's Mike Glennon, who ended up starting 13 games as a rookie. Lovie Smith has said McCown is the starter heading into this offseaon. But Kiper thinks the Bucs might have their quarterback of the future in Glennon.

"This [coaching staff] has no ties to Mike Glennon, but he's got a lot going for him," Kiper said. "These quarterbacks [in this draft] are all iffy, so I'd say no to a quarterback. I think Glennon is as good as any of them. McCown is there for the short term, but I think Mike Glennon can be the guy in the long term."

I think Kiper has a point. Glennon did some things really well under some very difficult circumstances as a rookie. There still is plenty of upside.

Maybe the best thing is to sit Glennon in the short term and let him learn from McCown before eventually taking over.