Bucs are $13 million under cap

If there are any players left in free agency that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want, the team has the means to get them.

According to the latest salary-cap figures, the Bucs are $13 million under this year's cap. They'll need $3 million to $4 million to sign their draft picks and they’ll also want to carry some room into the season in case they have injuries and need to bring in replacements.

That means the Bucs still should have somewhere around $7 million to spend on free agents. I wouldn’t expect too much activity right now. It’s more likely the Bucs will go through the draft and then see if they still have some holes to fill.

And, for those keeping an eye down the road, Tampa Bay is in pretty good cap shape for 2015. At the moment, the Bucs have $104.5 million committed toward a cap that is likely to be over $130 million.