Chris Owusu opens some eyes

Let's face reality. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers still are going to make some more moves at wide receiver.

They have to because they've got Vincent Jackson and no other proven receiver. In the draft or what's left of free agency, the Bucs are going to bring in a No. 2 wide receiver. Maybe even a No. 3 receiver.

But as the team went through minicamp the last few days, there was a pleasant surprise. Chris Owusu, who has had limited playing time with the Bucs the last two seasons, made some very nice catches.

Owusu, who had 13 catches for 114 yards last season, might have put himself in a good position to solidify a backup role, caught the attention of new coach Lovie Smith.

"He has good size, excellent speed and I've been impressed with how he has caught the football," Smith said. "I don't know a lot nor had any preconceived notions about the players, but he's a guy that you do notice. I did see on his chart before we went on the field a 4.36 (40-yard dash time) that will get your attention a little bit. He's running good routes, he's caught the ball well and he's done some good things. There's an opportunity, if I'm a receiver I would be just really doing everything I could to show the coaches exactly what I have. This is a great chance to do that."

Owusu made the most of his chance in the minicamp. If he keeps it up in training camp and the preseason, there could be a spot for him in the receiving corps.