A new vibe at One Buc Place

During last week’s minicamp, the vibe around One Buccaneer Place was noticeably different.

The reason?

Greg Schiano is gone and Lovie Smith replaced him as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Players talked happily about how they now are being treated as men. The implication there is that Schiano treated them like children, or at least the college players he used to coach. The man made sure everybody’s toes were on the line and he controlled everything, including the thermostats in the building.

In many ways, Smith is the opposite of Schiano and that’s a wonderful thing with wide-spread implications. It wasn’t just the players that seemed happy last week.

Staff members, who often seemed nervous around Schiano, were smiling and relaxed. The mood has changed at One Buc, but it hasn’t gone back to the Raheem Morris days, when things were too loose. Instead, things seem just right.

With Smith, everything seems balanced. That’s what you get when you have an adult coaching an NFL team and not someone who’s too young and immature (Morris) or someone that thinks they’re running a college program.