Lots of face time for Derrick Brooks

Get ready to see a lot of Derrick Brooks.

The retired Tampa Bay linebacker will announce the Bucs' second-round draft choice at Radio City Music Hall on May 9, the league said. Brooks will be one of 32 players leaguewide to announce picks in the second round.

But that won't be all that Tampa Bay fans see of Brooks in the coming months. He'll be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 1.

There's also another likely honor for Brooks on the horizon that not many people are talking about. That's a spot in the team's Ring of Honor. Nothing has been announced yet.

But it's a safe bet that Brooks will go into the Ring of Honor. Last year, Warren Sapp was headed for the Hall of Fame and the Bucs chose him as their Ring of Honor inductee. They also retired Sapp's number.

I'd imagine Brooks will get similar treatment. The Ring of Honor announcement is expected in the next few weeks. Traditionally, the Bucs have had only one inductee a year. But there is no rule against having multiple inductees, so it's possible someone else could join Brooks.