Lovie Smith's quiet approach fits Bucs


When Greg Schiano was coaching the Buccaneers, you generally heard the coach on the practice field before you saw him.

New coach Lovie Smith is a completely different story. During the weekend rookie camp, I often had to look long and hard just to find Smith on the practice field.

Smith floated from position group to position group. I could see him talking to players, but couldn't hear him. The same was true of most of Smith's assistant coaches. There wasn't much (if any) yelling and screaming on the field.

That's a stark contrast from the Schiano days. Schiano's background was almost exclusively in the college ranks and the same was true of many members of his staff. That led to very vocal practices and the style didn't always go over well with the players.

Smith comes from a strong NFL background and it shows. He's treating his players like adults. Smith teaches, but he doesn't yell and scream.

Smith's demeanor reminds me a lot of Tony Dungy when he coached the Bucs. That’s not a coincidence because Smith was the linebackers coach in Dungy's early years in Tampa Bay.

Being similar to Dungy -- and just the opposite of Schiano -- probably is a good thing. Dungy had success with the Bucs. Schiano did not.

After what this team went through under Schiano, Smith's quiet (but strong) approach might be just what the Bucs need.