QB coach high on McCown, Glennon

Josh McCown is a 12-year veteran. Mike Glennon is heading into his second season.

But both Tampa Bay quarterbacks are very coachable. Quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo said that despite McCown’s experience, the veteran has shown a willingness to learn.

“I think there were things I had in mind that I thought could help him,’’ Arroyo said. “I think there are things that he had in mind that he wanted to get done that I could help him with. He’s a 12-year vet who knows a lot about himself and how to get things done in this league. That helps. We’ve got some subtle things in our offense that he had to tweak and change and he did a great job doing it.’’

McCown is the starter and coach Lovie Smith has said Glennon is the quarterback of the future. Arroyo said he sees plenty of things that lead him to believe Glennon can be successful over time.

“He’s a smart guy,’’ Arroyo said. “High I.Q. guy. A leader. A team guy. Has the cognitive traits that you’re looking for. He’s competitive, tough, strong-willed and wants to do great. Then you get on the field and he’s got a strong arm, can put the ball in different places, good touch, good feel, good eyes and good rhythm.

“Quick release. Strong arm. Leadership traits. Body language, as a quarterback some of that stuff is innate and you can see it in guys. Some of the stuff I thought would translate in the meeting room translated in the meeting room. On the field, he can make decisions with the ball. He’s obviously youthful and has experience in the NFL, but he’s got some things we can build on.’’