Fines keep coming for Buccaneers

TAMPA, Fla. -- We told you earlier how Tampa Bay’s penchant for personnel fouls is going to cost ownership.

Well, there’s now another layer to that. In addition to the already-reported fines on safety Dashon Goldson ($100,000) and safety Ahmad Black ($21,000), the NFL said Friday afternoon that defensive end Adrian Clayborn has been fined $21,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees.

That means the Bucs now have been fined at least $179,875 for personnel fouls through two games.

Any team that reaches $105,000 in total personal-foul fines for the season has to pay a $50,000 fine. If a team’s total reaches $157,500, there’s another $25,000 team fine and the team also has to match all subsequent fines.

The Bucs technically are at $129,875 because Goldson’s fine only counts $50,000 toward this program, according to league rules. But the Bucs are close to the threshold where they’ll have to pay for every fine and they’re only two games into the season.