Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Steve Young

TAMPA, Fla. -- It’s the season opener. It’s a matchup of division rivals. But Sunday’s game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers isn’t going to have a large audience.

Let’s turn to the map on 506sports.com, which shows which games will be broadcast in which markets. The FOX broadcast, which will feature Chris Myers and Ronde Barber, only will be shown in a limited portion of the country.

The game will be shown in most of Florida, all of the Carolinas, portions of Georgia (but not the Atlanta market) and New Orleans. That’s it.

The rest of the nation will get the game between San Francisco and Dallas. Back in the days of Steve Young and Troy Aikman, that would have made a lot of sense. But the rivalry between the 49ers and Cowboys isn’t what it once was.

The game between the Panthers and Bucs could end up being a good one, but only a small portion of the country will have access to it.
At NFL Nation, we're doing a special project that's scheduled for July.

The writers for all 32 teams are putting together a list of the most memorable plays in franchise history and, then, we'll ask readers to vote on the winner for each team. I've surveyed readers on Twitter and many of the responses are what I expected.

Derrick Brooks' interception in the Super Bowl and Ronde Barber's interception in the NFC Championship Game are on virtually every list. But we're going to present you with three memorable moments to vote on.

That third spot is where I'm seeing a lot of differing opinions. Joe Jurevicius' tip and catch against the Philadelphia Eagles is getting plenty of attention. But so is Matt Bryant's 62-yard field goal. So is Warren Sapp's sack of Steve Young and Mike Alstott's pinball run through the Cleveland Browns defense.

I'm sure there are some other memorable Tampa Bay Buccaneers plays that haven't been mentioned. And I'm sure some of you have plays that you would rank ahead of the ones by Barber and Brooks.

I'd like to hear as many opinions as possible before narrowing the list. Hit me on Twitter using #NFLNBuccaneersTopPlays or make your case in the comments section attached to this post.

Can Freeman follow past Bucs' QBs?

September, 26, 2013
TAMPA, Fla. – Maybe losing his job as the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is the best thing that could happen to Josh Freeman.

With Wednesday’s news that rookie Mike Glennon will take over as the starter, it’s fair to say Freeman’s tenure in Tampa Bay is just about over. He’ll either be traded this season or be allowed to walk away as a free agent afterward.

While those might not sound like great options, the history of the Buccaneers suggests otherwise.

Doug Williams, Steve Young and Trent Dilfer all went on to win Super Bowls after departing the Bucs. Vinny Testaverde went on to have a long and productive career. Can Freeman be as successful as those former Tampa Bay quarterbacks?

I think the talent is there. But Freeman is going to have to land in the right place. After what he has been through with Greg Schiano, Freeman needs a different style of coach. Freeman’s laid-back ways and Schiano’s militaristic style didn’t work well together.

There are plenty of people around the league who believe Freeman has what it takes to be a successful quarterback. Someone will give him a shot at a starting job.

Maybe Schiano ruined Freeman forever. Or maybe Freeman can do what Williams, Young and Dilfer did once they got a change of scenery.