Quarterbacks drafted first overall: No. 9

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will likely draft Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota with the No. 1 overall pick. So how does this type of thing usually work out? We continue our countdown of the 18 quarterbacks who were drafted with the top selection over the past 40 years.

Drew Bledsoe, 1993, New England Patriots

If things had gone a little differently, Bledsoe would have had a long and prosperous career with the Patriots. Instead, he ended up becoming the NFL’s version of Wally Pipp. He was the victim of some incredibly bad luck.

Following three up-and-down seasons, Bledsoe seemed to find solid footing in 1996, when, with help from wide receiver Terry Glenn, he led the Patriots to the Super Bowl and was selected as the AFC’s starter for the Pro Bowl.

Two more postseason appearances followed until Bledsoe and the Patriots slumped in 1999 and 2000. Despite the woes, the Patriots signed Bledsoe to a 10-year, $103 million contract in the 2001 offseason. But Bledsoe never would come close to seeing the end of that contract. In the second game of the 2001 season, Bledsoe suffered a chest injury.

Enter Tom Brady and exit Bledsoe. Brady ended up leading the Patriots to a Super Bowl championship and has built a Hall of Fame career.

Bledsoe finished his career with stints in Buffalo and Dallas. Bledsoe finished his career with 3,839 completions and 44,611 passing yards. Those are very respectable numbers.

But you always have to wonder what Bledsoe could have done if Brady hadn’t come along.

Final analysis: Good pick.