Bucs are light on incentives

In the NFL, “voluntary workouts’’ often are a misnomer.

In many cases, players have large incentive clauses written into their contract to make sure players attend offseason workouts. It’s not unusual for a team to pay millions of dollars in workout bonuses. The bonuses generally require players to attend the bulk of offseason workouts.

But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are an exception. In their case, only a small handful of players have workout bonuses. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy leads the way with a $300,000 workout bonus. Linebackers Jonathan Casillas and Dane Fletcher each have a $100,000 bonus and tight end Tom Crabtree has a $25,000 bonus. Those are all the workout bonuses for this year.

The Bucs are unique because former general manager Mark Dominik largely avoided signing bonuses and workout bonuses, instead preferring to lump everything into base salary. New general manager Jason Licht has followed a similar approach.

But the lack of incentive isn’t preventing the Bucs from working out. Every player on the roster was present for last week’s minicamp, although some weren’t able to take part in drills due to injuries.