Jon Robinson wants Mike Mularkey to be Titans' primary voice

titans GM Jon Robinson said he and coach Mike Mularkey "have really clicked." AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- From the day he arrived, Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson has been out front, an NFL GM selling his vision for his team.

Robinson is good with people and a quick-witted, informative conversationalist. He’s also in demand.

Fans and media want as much of him as they can get.

But there will come a time when he steps back at least a bit, he said, as head coach Mike Mularkey needs to be at the forefront during the season.

“Mike and I have really clicked, and he is doing an outstanding job,” Robinson said. “This is his football team, and this team is taking on his persona and his personality, which is a shared personality between he and I of the tough, accountable guys, what we’ve been talking about from the jump.

“I’m a firm believer in there’s one voice in the organization and it’s Mike, especially once the season gets going for sure.”

Mularkey has also been highly visible in the offseason. He, too, is easygoing and honest, interested in engaging with fans and media alike.

But he’s got a track record, and it’s not great. Robinson is fresh and new and comes with a pedigree that comes largely from 12 years with the NFL’s gold-standard team, the New England Patriots. He's right there with Marcus Mariota as Music City's biggest reason for hope.

Robinson is very good at sharing a vision and expressing a message. I don’t think Mularkey will feel threatened if Robinson remains a public presence during the season.

Robinson scaling back a bit would be understandable. He certainly can't disappear from the public eye.

I expect they will find a balance. While the scales might tip a bit, we will still hear from both as they share the shared vision of the team they're trying to create.